Thursday, February 24, 2011

Procrastination Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Well... something along those line.

Basically I started this blog almost a year ago 3 months before our wedding... not sure why at my most stressed out/busiest time in my life I decided to try to pile on one more "to-do" but I did.

Almost a year has gone by and a lot has changed... not only am I no longer a Miss, I'm a Mrs. Instead of pretending to be a housewife I am a working woman contributing to society. Lastly, we are about to be homeowners! I was thinking I should jump back on the blog bandwagon so my friends and family can see a little bit of our lives as we settle down and start doing exciting married couple chores. Thing might get kinda crazy as we venture down the aisles of Home Depot on Saturdays, scan for goodies at Scott's Antique Market, and debate over important things like chrome vs. oil rubbed brass fixtures. One thing that hasn't changed in the last year is I still have NO IDEA how to set up a blog and make it look pretty... All in all, stay tuned....