Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Craigslist Finds 1.0

I have a confession... I, Amy, am obsessed with looking at furniture on Craigslist.com.

I lay in bed at night on my ipad searching furniture on craigslist to see if I can find any good deals. I rarely act on them but it still gives me such satisfaction to see a good deal on items that an owner can't see potential on or just wants to get rid of. You know what they say "one man's junk is another man's treassure."

The reward is huge when you score something off of here, the risk is your LIFE. Ok, kinda kidding but it is weird showing up at a stranger's house. My in-laws are convinced I will be a victim of the Craigslist killer.

Anyways, here are some things I found on craigslist in Atlanta yesterday.

These chairs could be really fun with their geographic design maybe painted in a lacquered white, black, navy, grey, really any color. I'd also update the cushions fabric as well.
CL Chairs

Ok, first, ignore the figurine on top... Think of this either stained dark or painted and distressed in a creamy white. This could be a pretty buffet or tv stand for $100.
CL Buffett

After posting my adirondack chairs on yesterday's post, I saw these chairs for $50 each or $180 for 4. Not a bad price for brand new & assembled adirondack chairs. (Most store bought adirondack chairs aren't assembled.)
CL Adirondack chairs

This is a zinc-top farm table. If you haven't seen a zinc table basically it means metal topped table. I am a HUGE fan of metal top tables. I love how durable they are and how they add another texture or element versus a regular wood top table. Industrial furniture is so popular right now but I think that even if your style isn't industrial-chic you can still mix a metal table in and for $495 that's a steal! Scott's Antique has a lot of these tables too.
CL Zinc Table

A couple tips too for staying safe with craigslist ads:
1. Never put your full name in the email
2. If you get the heeby-jeebies from the poster when you email or talk on the phone, go with your gut and walk away
3. Try to meet in an open neutral place, avoid homes if you can
4. If you do meet at the home, see if they can just bring the furniture outside
5. Bring a friend (I prefer hubs/male) with you to meet the poster
6. If you meet at a house, let a friend know the address and what time you are meeting and make sure you talk to the friend afterwards to let them know you have left the house and are ok.
7. After you email the poster the first time and they email you back from their personal email, search facebook with that email or their name to see if the person looks semi-normal... I know, I know... a lot of scary people in this world don't look scary, they look normal but still it doesn't hurt!
8. Avoid bad areas of town, if a poster lived in a bad part of Atlanta, I'd avoid them or make them meet me somewhere else in a safe + open area of town.
9. Pay Cash

Thankfully I've always had good success with craiglist. When we sold our furniture on craigslist after we bought our house we were nervous about letting people come to our house to get furniture. Surprisingly, everyone that bought from us was great, good nice people, funny enough every single one of them went to Andy Stanley's Buckhead Church too.

Good Luck and remember you can bargain with craigslist sellers too!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Hubs and I went to Charleston over the weekend for a little getaway and to attend a wedding... I've been numerous times but hubs has only been once. He was flying on a small plane and they had to drop someone off there so I don't really even count that.

I was so excited to show him around and see all that Charleston has to offer... unfortunately storms were headed our way so it was really windy Friday night and then it rained, slash that, POURED on Saturday. Thankfully our friend's wedding was covered and beautifully perfect!

I was hoping to have some time to walk around, go to different boutiques and home stores, take pictures of all the beautiful architecture there but none of that happened. We did however catch a ghost tour Friday night, kinda fun (but kinda cheesy too). Here are a few fun pics from over the weekend:

This is on the Charleston Harbor near our resort we stayed at... loved looking at all the sailboats and yachts :) I already figured out how many wills my husband would need to do for clients so that we can buy one... a girl can dream right?

This is in downtown Charleston as the sun was setting... not really sure what it is but I do know that it's a beautiful courtyard!

Here are hubs and I at the wedding. It was at the Cotton Dock at Boone Hall Plantation, a really pretty plantation house and really neat site for weddings and events.

That is most of the pics I have of Charleston that are the least bit interesting besides all of my ghost tour pics of little round "orbs" that are supposedly ghost/spirits...

This week I have a couple of projects for the house, the first is my Master bedroom headboard...

This is a picture of it when I bought it was a random flea market... it was a brassy gold that needed to be touched up... I went home and painted it a pretty gold. After that I took some Minswax gel and wiped that over the creases and such to give it definition... I actually thought it looked pretty good at that point (wish I had a picture). Then I got antsy and decided to paint grey over it... not a good move... it now looks straight 90's airbrush grey... yuck. Hopefully this week I can paint it some more to get it looking good again.

Another project I have is these babies that I scored off of craigslist for $50 total!

There are 2 adirondack chairs, 2 footstools, and a folding table. The previous owner never stained or painted these so they are weathered and definitely need some TLC. I have been wanting adirondack chairs for our front porch but they're so dang expensive.

I have big plans for these babies. I have sanded everything but the table, after that I will prime them and then paint with a clean and crisp white paint outdoor paint similar to how I did my planter boxes below. I think they will end up perfect even if my husband thinks I am crazy in the meantime!

Eventually I hope to complete the porch with a 1 person swing that I'll also paint white. You know southern girls, we love some good porch sittin'!