Thursday, February 23, 2012


As a Tennessee alum a lot of my good girlfriends moved from Knoxville to Nashville after school. I however decided to go against the grain and move to Atlanta. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I hadn't moved here and had gone to Nashville instead. I know one thing, I wouldn't have met my darling husband so I guess I made the right decision. However, I do miss my college girls but luckily Nashville is a quick 3.5 hour drive.

Anyways, this past weekend I left for Nashville bright and early for a bridal shower that morning for one of my girlfriends. "Bagels with the Bride" to be exact, very cute! It was a great shower and my dear friend received lots of pretty things for her and her soon-to-be husband's new home. After the shower and a quick wardrobe change my friend and I headed to downtown Franklin for some antique and home shops. I've driven through this area but I've never actually walked around so I was super excited!

Me and the Bride out for dinner and drinks at Tavern in Nashville (my fav)!!!

When I told my husband that I was going into these stores his response was "won't things be marked up in a store?" Yes, I've trained him well, ha. In all actuality the prices were pretty reasonable but this could also be because things tend to be more marked up in Atlanta. I really didn't get anything that exciting, my friend got a pretty gold bar table for $99 though (wish I had a pic)! I did get some fun books that averaged about $7 a piece and are all dated from late 1800's to 1940's. Here are a few of my favorites:

Ok, this is Amy Vanderbilt's etiquette book. When I saw this I pretty much died on the spot for this book.
1- My name is Amy too!
2- I love old etiquette books
I mean who doesn't need to know things like proper attire for their yacht? Or how to arrange the living quarters for your staff members? My friends and I got the biggest quick out of her using the word "shant"... Ex: "You shant think I am silly about getting this excited over a book, there's a lot of useful knowledge in here."

I must say after flipping through it, I am going to make the assumption that Amy Vanderbilt was a wee bit pretentious. I might be wrong but that's just how I perceived her from the book. Either way, she sounds like a fun friend to have with all of wait staff and yachts, right?
p.s. Amy also thinks it's unnessesary to send Christmas cards, spending hours addressing hundreds of cards takes the spirit out of Christmas.

These 2 books are for hubster. He loves historical books about America, wars, etc. The other is an ethics book for young people. I consider Ry a very ethical person and I think he is probably convinced at his wise, old age of 30 that kids these days weren't brought up the way he/we were. It made me think of him...

These 2 books are larger than the others and pretty. The red one in the background has a really cool cover and is about all the different big city capitals the world at the time (1893). The other is from 1940's and called "A Treasury of Early American Homes." It has tons of pictures of gorgeous homes around the US like this one in Charleston, South Carolina.

Other than books I got some mercury glass candle holders and votives for $3-$5 a piece at a store. I am planning on getting some more in other shapes and sizes for my mantle. I am having a hard time decorating that space when there is a HUGE tv taking up 60 inches of the space and an ugly black speaker box underneath (ugh, sigh, boys).... I'm thinking of loosing the topiaries and doing large vases on each side full of cotton branches, what do you think?

Here's a final picture of a few of my good friends out in Nashville... aren't they all so pretty? They are all equally as lovely on the inside too! We had so much fun and I can't wait till my next trip there in Nashville for the one on the far right's bridal shower. Hubs will be in tow for this couples shower so it should be fun, maybe I'll even take him along to downtown Franklin :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Scott's Antique Finds

Ok, so I have been really bad at blogging the past couple weeks. Mainly due to being super busy with um, life and the being sick .

This weekend was full of friends and so much fun! It started with one of my high school friends flying into town Thursday and meeting for dinner at Barcelona Wine Bar in Inman Park. First time here for me and I lovvved it! Excellent food, company, wine, and atmosphere.

Friday our friends from Alabama came in town for a visit. We started with an easy but yummy dinner at Nuevo Laredo in West Midtown, always a favorite! Early to bed because Saturday we met A-Train's mom bright and early at Scott's Antique. She goes every month and has been going for many years. She is a PRO antique-er. Even though it is overwhelming I feel fairly confident walking around on my own but she taught me a thing or two (or three...).

We were just kinda looking so I ended up with some nic-nacs but definitely found some chairs that I love, maybe next time! Here's the run-down...

I've been wanting to try one of those Pinterest inspired picture frame turned into a dry erase board or cork board projects for my desk area until I saw this baby. $24 bucks and I was sold! Only thing is I got home and I wish I had 2, next time!

Second item from the same booth is not a random man (that's hubs) but the little plaque he is holding. His nickname growing up was "Tripple B" which stand for.... get ready.... "Big Booty Bowden". Yes. Dead. Serious. He is plagued with a bubble butt (he got this along with his height from the milk man). He got so excited when he saw this that we had to have it, only $5 too! They have tons of these and they'd be super cute in a nursery!

Ok, I know silver makes some people yawn but I'm obsessed. My style is very eclectic but I do have some traditionalist in my heart. This sugar and creamer were in a $5 bin. I never even knew about $5 bins until our friend's mom! The tray was either $5 or $10 too! Can't beat cheap silver!

These are 2 more pieces, the round tray $10 and the cute little serving spoon $5 bin.

This was one of my favorite things of the day. A silver cake stand that is on a platform with little feet. Seriously, how cute is this? There are so many great things I can do with this piece. $25!

Ok, I know I am boring you with photos of silver, I'll switch it up. This is a picture of the 1914 Harvard football team. We were walking by and a guy had this on the wall and looked at it, kept walking, quickly did a U-Turn and marched my butt right back. I think this is really cute. My husband has a bunch of football memorabilia from his family(example pic below) that I have no where to put in our house. So I've decided to paint our hallway going down to the basement and then do collage walls with all his football stuff. I've been looking on Etsy and Ebay for quirky football things so for $20 this was a must-have. Ry-guy loved it too!

One of the photos going on our football collage wall. Ry's Dad and Grandad with Joe Paterno (RIP JoePa).

That is pretty much everything we got except for a stack of antique coral-colored Swedish books to fill our bookshelfs, I've bored you enough, I won't bore you with pics of books(ha).

After Scott's we headed over to the Ballards Design Outlet on Defoors but didn't find too much this time. Then we headed home to rest our feet before dinner and snack on some wine and cheese. Another couple we are friends with came over and we all headed to SOHO in Vinnings. This was a last minute reservation and being the weekend before V-Day EVERYTHING in ATL was booked. Luckily we scored this, it was a great meal full of fun conversation, Andre 3000 from OutKast also joined us there! (Ok, not really but he was at the bar... hheeeyyy yaaaaa....) We woke up the next morning and had brunch at Another Broken Egg in Peachtree Battle (another great spot) before our friends headed home.

All in all, a great trip and a great time with friends. I am already looking forward to the next trip to Scotts!