Tuesday, September 20, 2011


A week ago Missoni went on sale for Target and all the sudden it was the hottest word/fashion/designer around... my husband kept asking me, what's that missoni stuff everyone is talking about... he then asked if it was expensive pasta... poor guy was clearly confused... I of course told him, yes, it is dear.

Before this buzz word and Missoni Mayhem started I already had my eye on Missoni or Missoni-esque items. We bought 4 french Louis XVI chairs for our dining room table and with a cowhide rug underneath and a bench on the other side Grandma's Upholstery just ain't gonna work. My chairs are dark wood but I was thinking that a colorful chevron or flamestitch pattern would be super fun, funky, and unexpected when paired with my traditional chairs and Royal Crown Derby China. This is what I had in mind:

Much to my dismay Missoni fabric was WAY expensive. Don't get me wrong I'm willing to drop a little more $$ if it's absolutely perfect and want I've dreamed of but a few grand definitely won't fly with hubs. I did however find this lovely Schumacher fabric that's in the Martyn Lawrence Bullard Collection

Quite "delicious" if you ask me. :) I've ordered a swatch so I'm interested to see how the colors look in person. If this doesn't work for my dining room chairs then I think it'd be perfect for my french arm chairs for my living room (which I'm still searching for....)

All in all, I was a little unsure what people would say about a Missoni type dining room chair but with all this Missoni for Target buzz I feel confident they'll be a hit whenever I find the perfect fabric. I myself did score some Missoni for Target but yesterday got super excited when Hautelook.com had Missoni on sale and I got a $425 REAL Missoni poncho for $100, if I don't like that maybe that can be my chair fabric.... until then my chairs will continue their life covered in vanilla muslin...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Third Time's a Charm...

Okay, so far I have been the most inconsistent blogger evvverrr.... Between getting married, settling, buying a house, moving, settling again, life has been crazzay! However, I really want to try and make a commitment to this...
With my new house everyone keeps asking me to post pics on facebook but I think a blog would be much better and attract less creepers...

Since my last post was 6 months ago there's a lot to catch up on... the first and most obvious... we bought a house...

This pic is from our close date 5 months ago... since we've done a good bit of work in the yard but we still have a long way to go...

I want to show you more but I have to save some stuff for next time... why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free... so until next time... see yall later!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My closet vs. My Home

Okay, if you know me, you know I love clothes. However, I am now presented with a challenge... I have to decide between clothes or decorating a house... I am starting to understand why Scarlett smartened up and used the green drapery fabric as both curtains and a new dress! I wonder if anyone would notice my Serena & Lily sheets as a sundress? Perhaps my Poterry Barn Duvet could pass as a cute spring skirt? Hmmm...good thing I don't sew.

Seriously though, maybe this is the first faze of becoming less selfish before I have kids and have no choice but to not be as selfish. This week I did some birthday shopping with my mom at Fab'rik Midtown (one of my faves) and a new boutique in Atlanta, Polished and Primped. Ultimately I asked for my mom to buy me a few cute new spring items and the rest of my birthday was put towards the new house decorating budget. Maybe one day I can have a closet like this picture on ounodesign blog, now this is the best of both world: design+beauty+art+fashion=big win

I did however get some really fun items for Spring and my trip to L.A. and Las Vegas for a bachlorette party. I will definitely post pics because the outfits are tooo flippin cute! The one thing I do absolutely need for spring is a tan, good thing those come pretty cheap :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Procrastination Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Well... something along those line.

Basically I started this blog almost a year ago 3 months before our wedding... not sure why at my most stressed out/busiest time in my life I decided to try to pile on one more "to-do" but I did.

Almost a year has gone by and a lot has changed... not only am I no longer a Miss, I'm a Mrs. Instead of pretending to be a housewife I am a working woman contributing to society. Lastly, we are about to be homeowners! I was thinking I should jump back on the blog bandwagon so my friends and family can see a little bit of our lives as we settle down and start doing exciting married couple chores. Thing might get kinda crazy as we venture down the aisles of Home Depot on Saturdays, scan for goodies at Scott's Antique Market, and debate over important things like chrome vs. oil rubbed brass fixtures. One thing that hasn't changed in the last year is I still have NO IDEA how to set up a blog and make it look pretty... All in all, stay tuned....