Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinterest Recipes + Fall Decor

Anyone who knows me well, I'm not a huge fan of cooking.  It's not that I'm not good at it, I think I'm pretty darn good when I try, I just don't love it.  Lately I have tried out some amazeball Pinterest Recipes and I can't stop talking about them, yummm!

Therefore, today I'm dedicating this post to new Pinterest recipes and some other various things I'm loving for fall right now.

1. S'mores Bars Pinterest Recipe *Everyone who's tried these is OBSESSED*

Ingredients: Bag of marshmellows, graham crackers, cookie dough (softened), a couple hersey bars (reg size candy bars, I just happened to have the snack size on hand)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees

I start by tracing the bottom of my pan on wax paper.  I then press the softened cookie dough into the outline I just traced on the wax paper.

 Put a layer of graham crackers down in greased pan.

Now take your cookie dough that was laid out on the wax paper and transport it on top of the graham crackers. The reason you lay it out is so that you don't crush up the graham crackers. 

Then cook this at 350 for about 8-10 minutes (doesn't have to be all the way done)

 Once you take it out, this is the next step:

Drop pieces of the chocolate bars, then cover with marshmellows:

Pop in the over for another 8-10 minutes or until the marshmellows are golden brown on top.

Take out an enjoy! Great with Milk, coffee, or a cup of hot cocoa just to get the complete campfire feel going :)

2. Shredded Beef Taco Pinterest Recipe *Makes a lot*  *Could try brisket cut of meat*

In order to save lengthiness of this post here's my pinterest link.  However, I kinda combined these 2 recipes (I also didn't sear the meat before because well, I'm lazy).

3. Slow Cooker Potato Soup Recipe *Tried and true recipe*
*I drop in some bacon pieces while its cooking and later as a topping.  Ryan mixes blue cheese into his soup and I must say it's pretty tasty like that too. 

4. Vegetable and Sausage Casserole Pinterest Recipe *Husband loved this!*

No picture here but this was soooo yummy!!! You won't regreat this decision, I served mine for dinner with biscuits.

With the weather cooling off I think this inspires me to cook more and get really into decorating our porch with pumpkins, mums, and kale.

Last year I was inspired by last year's 2011 Southern Living with all the pretty mums and kale on this front porch, love the garland around the door too.

I went to Pike's Nursery and made my husband balance about 8 pumpkins on his body for their $19.99 all you can carry pumpkins.  After I took this picture I think I went to Kroger and bought some large gourds.  Sadly, the woods near our house were fed about 20 pumpkins by the time Christmas rolled around.


This year Southern Living used boxwoods instead of kale... something I'd never thought of but might need to try.  I'd just make sure you keep the boxwoods and re-purpose them since they don't come cheap! :) 

This year I did a similar look like last year's Southern Living cover except maybe a few less pumpkins than my trial version the year before.

I even got a little festive inside the abode on my dining room table. These were all thanks to Publix, which by the way, has the best large size pumpkins for the cheapest ($6) at the beginning of the season.

There you have it, some of my favorite "F" words at the moment: food + fall.  Although I shouldn't leave out football and fun either because there has been tons of that going on too!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seaside Yard Sale

As soon as I heard these words Seaside + Yard Sale I knew I had to make a trip in early October. Seriously, this combines two of my favorite things: bargain hunting at places like yard sales and Seaside, Florida.  You may remember that my in-laws live in Seaside so we can pretty much go to the beach whenever we want.

It wasn't too hard to twist my husbands arm to make a quick trip to see his parents.  We usually try to make the trips at least 3 nights to justify the 5 hour drive down but he was fine with leaving after work Friday and coming home Sunday.  God's will must have been for us to spend a little longer down there because on Thursday Ryan found out that he had Monday off for Columbus day, yessss!

We drove down Friday and arrived just in time for a gorgeous sunset.  I got to bed at a decent time since the sale started at 8 AM.  I wanted to get there early around 7:30-7:45 to have time to park and grab coffee before the crowds.  Well you can imagine my surprise when I drove down Highway 30A into Seaside and saw this....

Uhmmm, scratch the coffee, holy hell heck! I first started by making some quick circles around the ampitheater trying to check out everything, get a grasp of the chaos, and find the Urban Grace Interiors booth.

Spotted... red umbrella.

It was so overwhelming but I must say the whole Urban Grace crew was there and they were so friendly and helpful.  I will say I felt a little out of place with all of the "War Eagles" being thrown around, umm Go Vols?!?  Bless their little Auburn hearts they didn't know they were about to get beat by Arkansas later that day, one of the worst teams in the SEC. (I kid, I kid, the Bowdens love Auburn).

There were the most beautiful pillow and fabrics, tons of Schumacher choices as well as some pretty Sunbrella fabrics which are perfect not just outside a home but inside as well since they are so resistant.  My mother in law's new house is on the beach so most all of her fabrics besides the bedrooms are outdoor fabrics to help prevents stains, spills, and wet tushies from future grandkids.

These pillows were pre-made and were around $60-$80 the chairs were super nice and high quality at $350 each.


They had about 4 of these lights when I first walked up however, one of my other favorite beach bloggers Simply Seleta grabbed 3 of them at about $15 a pop. What a steal!


I first purchased these 2 prints from United Thread on Etsy, this gold frame at $5, and these 2 rolls of fabric remnants at $1 each.  I however came back for the Schumacher Imperial Trellis in green before I left.  I've always loved this fabric and figured at $35/yard I can use it somewhere in my home like my living room, my bedroom, or maybe even some simple floor pillows for when we have a room full of guest.

I also snagged the necklaces above from a booth with costume jewelry, originally marked $50-$60 each, she was selling them at $20 each but I got them for $35 total.

Next to her booth was a huge set of tables full of rainbows, tevas, and sanuk shoes and sandles that were all great prices.  When I arrived I had a hard time finding shoes in my husband's size that I like but they had tons. The boutique Deja Vu in Seaside had an enormous section where everything was under $20, it was insane!!!!! You couldn't even get into the racks to look because it was so nuts, off to the side girls were stripping down to try on clothes and the line to pay was probably 30 people deep.  I love DejaVu but not enough to face that kinda madness.

I then walked around a snapped some pictures of the other tables with decent things just to give you an idea of what I was working with.

Fishing anyone?

Another fabric booth but not as good...

I thought these mermaids were so cute, I wanted to buy one but I didn't really know what I'd use it for except a possible doorstop or paper weight.  If I cross paths with these again though I might take the plunge for the small one.

A headboard bench:

A vintage metal glider, I love these.  If rustic and rusty are your thing then this is for you but I also think it'd be cute with a new shiny coat of paint in fire engine red, pinky-coral, teal, kelly green, or bright yellow.

Get your boots on...
I've actually thought about getting a pair of vintage cowboy boots but they didn't have my size. 

There was a DJ playing music and one fine gentlemen took it upon himself to be the entertainment, don't you just love a solo dance party?


It was hot and humid so I tried to grab some coffee but walked into Amavida Coffee Shop to find the line 20 people deep.  So I turned around and walked over to Modica Market only to find a waiting line outside to even get into the store, geeezzzzzz....

This is when I had had enough, it was only 9:15, put a fork in me, I was done.  Still wanting my coffee, I left the insanity and trekked back to my car way down the road in Watercolor. Along the way I saw folks heading to the sale and I wanted to tell them to turn around that they were a little late to the game, oh well.  I drove down to Rosemary Beach because I really wanted that Amavida Latte and walked through Rosemary for some Peace and Quiet.  Ahhhh..... bliss.

I made it home in time to go on a morning walk and hit the beach before an evening of pizza and football.  Sunday we skipped church and did it all over again with dinner at Shades and some porch sitting while we watched this majestic sunset.

These are filter free... this is the real deal...

Monday, we packed up our bags and yard sale goodies and trecked back to Atlanta while I worked from the car.

All in all I'd say it was successful.  I came home with a tan, a full stomach, and some great finds.  Would I go back to the yard sale? Ummm, not so sure about that but I'm also spoiled with Scott's Antique 20 minutes down the road.  If a really great booth like Urban Grace Interiors was set up then I probably would do it again but I'd definitely get there earlier. All along 30A the stores and boutiques had tent or sidewalk sales and even though I didn't hit those up I bet there was some great stuff sold.

One piece of advice, ladies: leave your men and children at home. The men just wandered aimlessly with nowhere to go bumping into serious bargain hunters like me.  There weren't tons of kids but the ones I did see looked as though they were probably bored, hot, overstimulated (visually), and ready to go play in the ocean/pool.

Speaking of Scott's, it's this weekend and since I didn't get down there in September I am totally making an appearance.  I'm on the lookout for some blue and white china plates and to see what holiday decor they have.

Not planning to spend or buy a whole lot at Scott's because next week I want to hit up Hobby Lobby for a skinny Christmas tree as well as some trimmings for the trees.

Hope y'all had a happy Columbus day weekend! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

...and then life got in the way.

So I've been possibly the worst/laziest blogger every the past month or two.  I don't have a good excuse but I have to admit sometimes it's nice to zone out for a little bit.

Life really has kept us super busy lately, not to mention, that thing called work.  I'm lucky enough to work from home which yields some flexibility (for quick Homegoods runs) but I think it confuses some folks on what exactly I do for a living.  My neighbors usually see me poking around the house during the day and friends will run into me running around town in my workout clothes + sans makeup.  I work for a well known company that might start with a ''G'' and might rhyme with "Poupon" or "Foupon".  Work has been awesome lately but geez it's kept me so busy, there literally aren't enough hours in the day.

Just a quick run down of how we have kicked off our fall...

Labor day was a fun weekend full of friends, football, and (not one) 2 trips to the dome.  Ryan and I went Friday night to see Tennessee vs. NC State.

 Our friends Andrew and Alison came in from Coleman, Alabama along with Ry's sister and her husband from Mobile, Alabama for the Clemson vs. Auburn game the following Saturday night. 

 Sunday we had a great lunch at Tin Lizzy's then hit up the mall for some Labor Day sales and closed with a yummy dinner at Rosebud in Virginia Highlands.

The following week we drove to Nashville for a long weekend celebrating my friend Rachel's wedding to Jamie.  This was such a fun, special, and beautiful weekend.  Rachel was stunning, a vision in fact...

I loved our black Lula Kate bridesmaid Dresses!

My non-dancing partner in crime.... ;)

 Her wedding reception was held at Bellemeade Plantation's Carriage House which was so pretty.  I've already decided my future unborn daughter might need to have her reception there...

The rehearsal dinner was super fun too at Hillwood Country Club and a special kitty cat made an appearance.

2 of my besties, Lu and KtMo, I was in love with Lu's (aka Lindsey) Rachel Zoe dress from Nordstroms... I'm praying this ends up on a Gilt Group sale down the road.

I think a kitty is very becoming on our little family, what do you think?

2 weeks after a great weekend in Nashville we loaded the car back up and crossed the Tennessee line to Knoxville for the Tennessee-Akron game.  Ryan's uncle Terry is the Coach there as well as his uncle Jeff who is an assistant and his cousin Tera's husband, also an assistant.

Our cousin Tera met us there and since John was tied up with, uhm, coaching all weekend we hung out alongside their friends Ritchie and Heather. To our surprise Ryan's Grandad and Dearmom also came to town for the game so we got some quality time with them as well.

On the field before the game:

Right before the Vol Walk:

Killing time before the game at the Mast County General Store (we always stock up on their candies before the game for a little purse stash), UT's finest...

The following weekend we had plenty of errands to run plus birthday parties and dinners with friends, see we really have been busy.

This weekend we are headed down to Seaside in Florida to visit Ryan's parents but mainly so I can visit the semi-annual SEASIDE YARDSALE and boy and I am EXCITED!!! I've never been but one of my favorite designers Erika Powell from Urban Grace is setting up a table with fabric and trim remnants. I'll take her leftovers any day of the week! 

It starts at 8 but I plan to be there at 7:30 to grab a coffee from Amavida coffee house and then hit the sales.  I'll be taking lots of pictures which I'll post here but also have some on Instagram, follow me at arbowden.

Now that I'm back on the blog and feeling a little refreshed and re-energized I'm planning to post a few of these things:
-Scott's Antique is next week, so I'll post those finds and pics along with some Homegoods finds and Seaside Yardsale treasures
-My bedroom/house updates
-I still plan to post pics from our August beach trip and pics from the Coastal Living Rosemary Ultimate Beach House.
-Some great Pinterest Recipes I've tried lately
-Other things I'm really loving right now like fall porches and patios with pumpkins, kale, and mums (Oh My!).

 Thanks for tuning in... Happy Fall Y'all!