Friday, August 17, 2012

Homegoods Finds and August Scott's Antique Finds

Last week I made my weekly trip to a Homegoods on Thursday (that's when they usually put their new goods out on the floor).  I've been hitting up the store in Buckhead, it's usually not the greatest store but lately it's been a lot better (and it's closest to me). Here's what I found:

This great mirrored TV stand for $399:

This creamy armoire was also $399:

Today's Homegoods post is brought to you by the letter C for Chairs.

I read yesterday that this maroon/wine red color is going to be very in this fall for fashion.  I guess Homegoods  has a head start with this pretty little thing:

A mirrored console table because you can always use these all over the house. I like mine as an entry table or nightstand but you can also use them in many other ways like perhaps as a living room side table.

This industrial desk took me a minute to look at.  I am not a big fan of the writing on the top, who needs a desk that says "BELIEVE"? However for $79 if this is the style you are looking for an easy coat of primer and paint over the desktop is a quick fix! If this desk is for a kids room I might even do the top in chalkboard paint.

These 2 chairs were probably 2 of my favorites in the store.  I loved the shape and tufting detail but more importantly the "leather" actually looks like real leather.  For $299 I highly doubt that it was but I didn't actually check this to verify.

Oh how I love lamps, Homegoods is one of those places I think you could walk out with a new lamp every visit.  This bamboo mercury glass lamp was awesome and I loved the brass base and linen lampshade.  So pretty!

If you are looking for a bold statement chair then this baby would be perfect.  I stared at this chair for a long time thinking of a way I could use it or trying to think of someone I know who could use it.

Some seagrass basket lamps with linen lampshades.

I almost bought these 2 green lamps to go in my bedroom on my dresser. I ended up passing as the color was a little more of a yellow green than I wanted but they were really cute and only $39 each.

Over the weekend my husband ran in a "team triathalon" with my dad (swim) and brother (bike).  Since he was gone most of the day I asked my friend Beverly if she wanted to go to Scotts with me.  She has never been but told me that she wanted to go sometime.

As soon as we walked in the South building she spotted this beautiful piece. This picture doesn't do it justice because it was very very tall and had a textured paint on it that was so pretty, plus the chicken wire was awesome.  I think this is a piece you could use in many ways as the years go by.  It would be very cute in a kitchen with dishes and pottery inside.  It could also work in a dining room or even a bedroom or bathroom.  I love furniture in bathrooms with rolled up fluffy white towels and other bathroom essentials.

This buffet was also really pretty and had antiqued mirrored panels in the doors.  It was only about 12 inches deep and 4 feet wide so if you need something for a small space this would be pretty.  It might also be a pretty hallway table or used in other ways too.

Beverly and her husband are looking for a dining room table.  They don't have a breakfast nook so they eat all of their meals here.  This table needs to be pretty but not too formal and not too casual.

Love this base shape and pricetag at only $595!

We both loved this base with the barrel shapes. I think Beverly and her husband went back on Sunday and did a custom order with this vendor for this table but in a smaller version.

This shape was also to die for...

My suggestion was a big farm/tressle/picnic table with fussy Louis XVI french chairs.  I might even do an upholstered settee or bench on one side.

This is kind of what I had in mind for Beverly with a settee except maybe a different style set of chairs or something not quite so contemporary but you get the idea:

Beverly and her husband have an office space that is also used as a sitting room when needed.  They've been looking for rugs and can't figure out what they want.  I suggested that she look at the cowhides outside the south building. This XL cowhide was the perfect solution contrasting against their hunter green walls and only $250! 

We finally headed home where my triathalon champ husband (their relay team got 1st place, yeah!) was waiting and starving.  I felt about the same, a full day at Scott's going through both buildings will wear a girl out! We went straight to Nuevo Laredo, a hidden gem mexican restaurant in West Midtown that only locals know about.  To say we both chowed down on our carne asada is an understatement...

After dinner I came home and laid out my Scott's finds right before I hit the sack.  Beverly and I found this white vase and dried hydrangeas for $27.  The lady was ready to just get rid of her hydrangeas at the end of the day so she gave us tons for $7 and the vase was $20.

When we walked in the north building I saw this blue and white china tea set and knew I had to have it.  I don't have any use for it but hopefully I'll have a little girl one day and if not it would be a great gift.  When I used to nanny I loved doing tea parties with the little girls I kept.  Right before we left I checked to see if the set was still there and it was but other women were eyeing it so I made a quick offer for $35 and this is now tucked away in my home for one day down the road.

I needed another one of these magnetic boards for my desk area.  Unfortunately the colors are a bit different but the nice lady at the booth said I can trade it out next month if I decide it won't work. 

All in all there were some awesome deals and bargains around Atlanta last week. I can't wait for September's show at Scott's I heard that it is always a great show. I heard there is a folk art show here this weekend, so who knows, maybe I'll make an appearance to check it out... :) I'm also picking up my new bedding from Gramercy today so I'll try to have an update on that this weekend! So excited!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sea Island Bachelorette Party

So 2 weekends ago I had a nice little getaway to Sea Island, Ga for my friend Rachel's Bachelorette Party, we dubbed this "Rachelorette".  One of the other bridesmaids has a home down there and was kind enough to let us use it. Sea Island, is in the Golden Isles off the coast of Georgia.  If you've never been there before then you should seriously make a trip.  The beaches are ok (Atlantic, what do you expect?) but the homes and facilities there are unbelievable. I'm especially in love with The Cloister, I told my husband that it needs to be our Atlantic coast vacation spot.

I have a lot of pictures from this weekend because it was too fun not to share, so get ready...

So Friday we all got in to town and laid out by the pool and had some cocktails.   That night we all got ready and made a smorgasboard of food for dinner.  After dinner and dessert it was time to blindfold the bachelorette and send her on a little "walk" outside.

 We quickly threw on "moo-moos" (I'll explain in a minute) and laid out our gifts.  Our friend Rachel has some funny quirks, most resemble things your granny likes or does.  We played off these quirks and brought 2 gifts: lingeries and a quirk themed gift.  This is the table of the quirk themed gifts.

She loves some Full House (who doesn't)...

And she is obsessed with kitty cats, the plastic figurine is a "cat lady" with her 9 cats and the picture is catpainted (an app you need to check out). 

Rachel can make a meal out of pickles alone, in college I think she survived off pickles, peanut butter, and deviled eggs.

Her fiance is an avid outdoorsman, so since they started dating our dainty little Rachel has become an outdoorsman's lady.  They fish or go to the Hunting Club often on the weekends so this cute fly fishing bag was quite appropriate.

I said earlier that Rachel lived off Peanut Butter in college but I forgot her love of olives as well.  One of her friends dressed up this Peanut Butter and Jelly as a bride and groom and it is too cute! This is one set of PB&J she can't eat! Apparently when Rachel was little her and all of her Dalton bridesmaids were obsessed with pigs too...

I played off her outdoorsy theme and got her a camo beach towel with her hot pink monogram.  Might as well keep it preppy and cute at the Hunting Club.

So the way we set up the game was Rachel had to guess who each quirky gift was from, if she got it right then she opened their lingerie gift.  If she got it wrong, well she still opened the lingerie gift but she had to take a sip of her cocktail.

We went and got Rachel from her "walk" and brought her in blindfolded.  First, we dressed her in her NeNe's housecoat which she used to wear ALL THE TIME in college (it's very cute and 60's). When she took her blindfold off she found all of us in "moo-moos and housecoats" as a surprise.

 See what I mean...

All the girls:

Her college bridesmaids:

This picture is so classic, it might be a fave of mine for a long, long time.  Not sure if we are channeling Days of Our Lives or a scene from the Golden Girls.

My attire thanks for Goodwill (I washed it).

And Miss Katie's attire a la Goodwill:

The next day we got ready and went straight to The Sea Island Beach Club. It was a perfect day with perfect weather.

The thing I loved most about Sea Island facilities is that they have chandeliers EVERYWHERE.  I wish I had more pics but I didn't want to be "that girl" so here is one pic on our way out to the parking lot but most chandys were larger and prettier than these pendants.

We hurried home to get gussied up so we could head to The Cloister for a cocktail before dinner.  The Cloister was soooo pretty, I mean I about died, I want to go back immediately.

Dalton Bridesmaids:

Tennessee Bridesmaids:

3 Muskateers:

Lindsey and me:

My friend Katie and me:

Lindsay and myself:

The Bride and myself:

We always salute (long story...)

All of the bridesmaids:

After drinks and pictures at The Cloister we went on to dinner at Halyards which was so yummy.  Then we painted the town pink in St. Simon at Ziggys, a beach dive with some interesting characters patroning the bar.

All in all it was a great weekend celebrating Rachel and we really enjoyed each other's company.  I think everyone agreed that we'd love to go back to Sea Island just for a nice long weekend and maybe bring our spouses.

I got home that Sunday tired but excited to see my beau who's parents were coming through town.  Lucky us, we got to enjoy a lovely dinner at Canoe in Atlanta.  This is such a wonderful restaurant, it's where our rehearsal dinner was and his parents haven't been there since that night.  Ryan and I snapped a quick pic after dinner next to the river. 

Last weekend I went to Scott's Antique with my friend Beverly, it was her first time so we did the WHOLE darn thing.  Exhausting but fun!  I'll share some pictures and Homegoods finds in the next days or two.