Thursday, March 3, 2011

My closet vs. My Home

Okay, if you know me, you know I love clothes. However, I am now presented with a challenge... I have to decide between clothes or decorating a house... I am starting to understand why Scarlett smartened up and used the green drapery fabric as both curtains and a new dress! I wonder if anyone would notice my Serena & Lily sheets as a sundress? Perhaps my Poterry Barn Duvet could pass as a cute spring skirt? Hmmm...good thing I don't sew.

Seriously though, maybe this is the first faze of becoming less selfish before I have kids and have no choice but to not be as selfish. This week I did some birthday shopping with my mom at Fab'rik Midtown (one of my faves) and a new boutique in Atlanta, Polished and Primped. Ultimately I asked for my mom to buy me a few cute new spring items and the rest of my birthday was put towards the new house decorating budget. Maybe one day I can have a closet like this picture on ounodesign blog, now this is the best of both world: design+beauty+art+fashion=big win

I did however get some really fun items for Spring and my trip to L.A. and Las Vegas for a bachlorette party. I will definitely post pics because the outfits are tooo flippin cute! The one thing I do absolutely need for spring is a tan, good thing those come pretty cheap :)