Friday, October 5, 2012

...and then life got in the way.

So I've been possibly the worst/laziest blogger every the past month or two.  I don't have a good excuse but I have to admit sometimes it's nice to zone out for a little bit.

Life really has kept us super busy lately, not to mention, that thing called work.  I'm lucky enough to work from home which yields some flexibility (for quick Homegoods runs) but I think it confuses some folks on what exactly I do for a living.  My neighbors usually see me poking around the house during the day and friends will run into me running around town in my workout clothes + sans makeup.  I work for a well known company that might start with a ''G'' and might rhyme with "Poupon" or "Foupon".  Work has been awesome lately but geez it's kept me so busy, there literally aren't enough hours in the day.

Just a quick run down of how we have kicked off our fall...

Labor day was a fun weekend full of friends, football, and (not one) 2 trips to the dome.  Ryan and I went Friday night to see Tennessee vs. NC State.

 Our friends Andrew and Alison came in from Coleman, Alabama along with Ry's sister and her husband from Mobile, Alabama for the Clemson vs. Auburn game the following Saturday night. 

 Sunday we had a great lunch at Tin Lizzy's then hit up the mall for some Labor Day sales and closed with a yummy dinner at Rosebud in Virginia Highlands.

The following week we drove to Nashville for a long weekend celebrating my friend Rachel's wedding to Jamie.  This was such a fun, special, and beautiful weekend.  Rachel was stunning, a vision in fact...

I loved our black Lula Kate bridesmaid Dresses!

My non-dancing partner in crime.... ;)

 Her wedding reception was held at Bellemeade Plantation's Carriage House which was so pretty.  I've already decided my future unborn daughter might need to have her reception there...

The rehearsal dinner was super fun too at Hillwood Country Club and a special kitty cat made an appearance.

2 of my besties, Lu and KtMo, I was in love with Lu's (aka Lindsey) Rachel Zoe dress from Nordstroms... I'm praying this ends up on a Gilt Group sale down the road.

I think a kitty is very becoming on our little family, what do you think?

2 weeks after a great weekend in Nashville we loaded the car back up and crossed the Tennessee line to Knoxville for the Tennessee-Akron game.  Ryan's uncle Terry is the Coach there as well as his uncle Jeff who is an assistant and his cousin Tera's husband, also an assistant.

Our cousin Tera met us there and since John was tied up with, uhm, coaching all weekend we hung out alongside their friends Ritchie and Heather. To our surprise Ryan's Grandad and Dearmom also came to town for the game so we got some quality time with them as well.

On the field before the game:

Right before the Vol Walk:

Killing time before the game at the Mast County General Store (we always stock up on their candies before the game for a little purse stash), UT's finest...

The following weekend we had plenty of errands to run plus birthday parties and dinners with friends, see we really have been busy.

This weekend we are headed down to Seaside in Florida to visit Ryan's parents but mainly so I can visit the semi-annual SEASIDE YARDSALE and boy and I am EXCITED!!! I've never been but one of my favorite designers Erika Powell from Urban Grace is setting up a table with fabric and trim remnants. I'll take her leftovers any day of the week! 

It starts at 8 but I plan to be there at 7:30 to grab a coffee from Amavida coffee house and then hit the sales.  I'll be taking lots of pictures which I'll post here but also have some on Instagram, follow me at arbowden.

Now that I'm back on the blog and feeling a little refreshed and re-energized I'm planning to post a few of these things:
-Scott's Antique is next week, so I'll post those finds and pics along with some Homegoods finds and Seaside Yardsale treasures
-My bedroom/house updates
-I still plan to post pics from our August beach trip and pics from the Coastal Living Rosemary Ultimate Beach House.
-Some great Pinterest Recipes I've tried lately
-Other things I'm really loving right now like fall porches and patios with pumpkins, kale, and mums (Oh My!).

 Thanks for tuning in... Happy Fall Y'all!

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