Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinterest Recipes + Fall Decor

Anyone who knows me well, I'm not a huge fan of cooking.  It's not that I'm not good at it, I think I'm pretty darn good when I try, I just don't love it.  Lately I have tried out some amazeball Pinterest Recipes and I can't stop talking about them, yummm!

Therefore, today I'm dedicating this post to new Pinterest recipes and some other various things I'm loving for fall right now.

1. S'mores Bars Pinterest Recipe *Everyone who's tried these is OBSESSED*

Ingredients: Bag of marshmellows, graham crackers, cookie dough (softened), a couple hersey bars (reg size candy bars, I just happened to have the snack size on hand)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees

I start by tracing the bottom of my pan on wax paper.  I then press the softened cookie dough into the outline I just traced on the wax paper.

 Put a layer of graham crackers down in greased pan.

Now take your cookie dough that was laid out on the wax paper and transport it on top of the graham crackers. The reason you lay it out is so that you don't crush up the graham crackers. 

Then cook this at 350 for about 8-10 minutes (doesn't have to be all the way done)

 Once you take it out, this is the next step:

Drop pieces of the chocolate bars, then cover with marshmellows:

Pop in the over for another 8-10 minutes or until the marshmellows are golden brown on top.

Take out an enjoy! Great with Milk, coffee, or a cup of hot cocoa just to get the complete campfire feel going :)

2. Shredded Beef Taco Pinterest Recipe *Makes a lot*  *Could try brisket cut of meat*

In order to save lengthiness of this post here's my pinterest link.  However, I kinda combined these 2 recipes (I also didn't sear the meat before because well, I'm lazy).

3. Slow Cooker Potato Soup Recipe *Tried and true recipe*
*I drop in some bacon pieces while its cooking and later as a topping.  Ryan mixes blue cheese into his soup and I must say it's pretty tasty like that too. 

4. Vegetable and Sausage Casserole Pinterest Recipe *Husband loved this!*

No picture here but this was soooo yummy!!! You won't regreat this decision, I served mine for dinner with biscuits.

With the weather cooling off I think this inspires me to cook more and get really into decorating our porch with pumpkins, mums, and kale.

Last year I was inspired by last year's 2011 Southern Living with all the pretty mums and kale on this front porch, love the garland around the door too.

I went to Pike's Nursery and made my husband balance about 8 pumpkins on his body for their $19.99 all you can carry pumpkins.  After I took this picture I think I went to Kroger and bought some large gourds.  Sadly, the woods near our house were fed about 20 pumpkins by the time Christmas rolled around.


This year Southern Living used boxwoods instead of kale... something I'd never thought of but might need to try.  I'd just make sure you keep the boxwoods and re-purpose them since they don't come cheap! :) 

This year I did a similar look like last year's Southern Living cover except maybe a few less pumpkins than my trial version the year before.

I even got a little festive inside the abode on my dining room table. These were all thanks to Publix, which by the way, has the best large size pumpkins for the cheapest ($6) at the beginning of the season.

There you have it, some of my favorite "F" words at the moment: food + fall.  Although I shouldn't leave out football and fun either because there has been tons of that going on too!

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