Thursday, August 2, 2012

Atlanta Home Pictures

So I finally took some more pictures of the updated work around the house... Looking at these pictures has made me realize many things but one thing that sticks out: I want/need a nice photography camera for Christmas.  If you're tired of my grainy pictures and would like to help my cause I will accept Best Buy or American Express Gift Cards.  :)

Until then, here's an iphone camera roll of the downstairs of my house:

Living Room:

Built-In Bookshelves, once white, now dark brown with grasscloth wallpaper:

I still need some styling work on these but they're getting there:

Other side of the Living Room:

Skirted table hiding huge TV subwoofer underneath :

Mirrored console table, still need to get the mirrored buffet for the dining room:

Dining Room:

Up close of the chairs:

The Imari plates on the wall are a little too far apart but I am turning the antique mirror vertical once I buy my buffet so I'll just fix it then:

Desperately need a new chandy in the dining room, along with my mirrored buffet:

Corner cabinet in the dining room:

Navy Powder room, still trying to decide if I want to stencil in here, I'll probably figure it out around the same time I redo the sink....

Above the toilet had a towel bar (???) and I removed it but there are 2 huge holes so my Sheryl Connelly painting covered the holes perfectly!


My built in desk area... once was a huge ugly pantry now it's a desk by day and a drink/food bar by night :) 

My kitchen with the lovely new dishwasher a la my anniversary gift...


My breakfast nook courtesy Scott's Antique Market (table, chairs, light):

I showed my hallway pics last week but I'll show them one more time:

Striped hallway with football stuff (work in progress):


My abode is far from perfect but I am loving how it is wrapping up even though we all know "you're never done decorating a house". Hopefully once my new bedding upstairs arrives I will have some great updates for the other floor in the house. Thanks for visiting my southern home! :)


  1. Just found your blog via Pinterest! Yay! You are so stylish, you have a gorgeous home... I'm going to need your help next year! :)

    1. Thank you! I found yours when you followed me, love yours too! I hope you guys get back here sooner or later, I'd love to show you all the fun Home Stores/Antique places around ATL :)