Tuesday, May 29, 2012

House Updates: Reading Like a Book

We've been in our house for right at a year now.  Although I feel like I've barely made a dent, after looking at old pictures I've realized how blessed we've been this last year in our home.

I read or heard something the other day that "a house should read like a good book, you keep wanting more". I think that's really important to me, I guess I love the details.  Who doesn't love walking into a house and it being so good that you can't wait to see what's in the next room.  I remember feeling this way when I walked into decorator Lindsey Hene's ahhmazzzing home, oh my gosh, it so beautiful and unique.  Lindsey is who has helped me a bit with my house and talk about an eye for style, she definitely has a talent.

There's another good saying out there "the devil's in the details," I guess that's why I tend to over-complicate things (i.e. acrylic frame, etc.) and why I'll probably never be "done decorating" any home I live in.

BEFORE:: Here are some pics when we first went under contract...

My realtor and future-neighbor... we still have this Ballards chandy in the basement if anyone wants it...

I think the wheels are turning in my head here... Unfortunately we still have this chandy hanging at the moment... 

View into the kitchen...

The huge pantry that we didn't really need, this is probably when I decided to turn it into a desk...

View from stairs into the downstairs...

Boring white bookshelves.... I knew I wanted grasscloth wallpaper in the back of these but I was insisting that these stay white.  Thankfully decorator Lindsey Hene talked me into painting them dark...

AFTER:: Here are some of the updated pictures.... still a work in progress...
(Please excuse the pic quality as well, our house was really clean for our small group to come over so I went ahead and snapped some pics, the Mister didn't feel like moving out of the pics either)

This office is probably my pride and joy, because it was an idea I had the moment we walked in to tour what would be our future home...

(Animal head-Scott's Antique $35, filing cabinet-Ballards Outlet $35, Metal Tubs-Lowe's $20, Coke crates-Scott's Antique $8 each, Burlap/Nailhead Counter Stool- Ballards Outlet $250, Baskets-Homegoods, Picture Frames-from my wedding reception, Cake Stands-Juliska & Pottery Barn)

Here is a pic of my breakfast nook and bookshelves: If you know me, you know that I'm super indecisive.  My first trip to Scott's Antique I had 5 hours to shop and was completely overwhelmed.  Somehow I managed to walk away with a very full carload of items. Starting with the tables and chairs to this breakfast nook and this light.

 (Metal Table and garden chairs-Scott's Antique $600, Hanging Light-Scott's antique $150, White Chair and ottoman- Brownlee's Furniture)

Picture of our living room area, the 2 occasional chairs will eventually be replaced but for now they work and don't look terrible.

(Union Jack trunks- Outrageous Interiors $500, French occasional chair- Scott's $100, Mantle Nic-Nacs-Outrageous Interiors and Homegoods, Lamp-Homegoods $50, Skirted Table- Calico Corners Fabric, curtains-cream burlap from Joann's Fabric)

Better View of the bookshelves and Chairs... our bookshelves are finally pretty full, to the point that they need some editing and some styling(HELP).  People think I'm crazy for the white chair but who cares, live with what you love.

And the husband makes his appearance... planning to add some different pillow covers in pretty Schumacher fabrics.

 (Sofa-Bernhardt-custom ordered through Manoirs, big table lamp-Scott's $150, animal head-Scott's $35, blue chair-yard sale in Nashville $60, horse bookends-Outrageous Interiors, Apothecary Lamp-Homegoods $49, Side Tables-both Outrageous Interiors $275, artwork above sofa-Cozamia $70 plus framing & hanging $450, Rug-Garnet Hill).

 A view of our dining room with the new picture.  You can also barely see the mirrored table, vase, and painted staircase rail (painted same color as bookshelves).  I'm planning to buy mirrored buffet for this wall, then rotate the mirror so it's vertical, flanking it with some of my RCD Imari plates.  Ryan and I went to pick up this antique mirror one weekend, it's HEAVY and huge, (he has a scar to prove it), this is one of those things I hope stays in my family for generations along with my french chairs and artwork.

 (Mirror-Board of Trade $400, french chairs-Scott's s/o 4 $300 w/o fabric and recovering cost), farm table-Scott's $700 + bench, painting-Scott's by Cheryl Connelly $175, mirrored chest-Homegoods $300, vase-Ikea, Sunburst Mirror Homegoods-$80)

Ryan picked out this corner china cabinet at his first trip to Scott's, he was very proud of it...This picture is not staying here, I need one more in the same size and then I plan to put them in my navy blue powder room.

(Corner cabinet-Scott's $300, cowhide under table-Scott's $200, painting-Scott's by Cheryl Connelly $100) 
A view from the dining room towards the living room. 

A view into our kitchen, usually not so much stuff on the counters but since I was getting ready for our disciple class to come over I had the plates and such out. The counters were white Corian with a white overmount sink when we bought.  Ryan and I both loved the look of Carrera marble even though you have to be careful spilling anything acidic or that can stain. Again, live with what you love! We also installed an undermount sink and a pretty new faucet.

Ryan and I celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary in 2 weeks and we are finally buying a new dishwasher to celebrate... Woo-Hoo! Stainless steel dishwasher and fridge her we come!

This is an older pic but it's a little bit better quality... I still need to figure out what to do for curtains in my kitchen and breakfast nook. 

Anyways, that is a pretty good update to the downstairs of the house... This summer my plan is to start working on the upstairs, begin the process of updating our bathrooms by getting quotes, and hang things in our hallways.  Ryan's family has given us tons of football memorabilia from his dad and grandad so I figured since most of our house is girly that I'd re-frame and hang a bunch of football stuff in the hallways to man-up the house.

Quick fact: this was the 1st and only house we looked at before we went under contract. We had casually been looking at listings, and found 2 others in Buckhead that we liked but they ended up being short sales under contract.  This was such a good deal and great location that we made our realtor think we were crazy and put an offer in 2 days later.

We've been in our house exactly 13 months now and I probably could have moved a little faster but I guess it's kinda fun to envision what you want and hunt for it.  I think it's kinda a southern thing to worry about small little details, monogramming everything, or using family heirlooms.  I know my home isn't reading like a good book quite yet, but hopefully with time, work, and editing it'll get there...


  1. "Live with what you love"! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have white chairs & a very light sofa. I'm always worried about messing them up. I must relax! I don't even have children yet. Have you found a good cleaner yet for your furniture?

  2. One more thing...your home looks fabulous! :)

  3. Thanks girl!

    I haven't found a good cleaner yet, luckily I haven't had to either (knock on wood). So far scotch guard has been my BFF and I am just careful about bringing food and drinks into the living room area. I try to keep most of that stuff in the kitchen/dining areas.

    I do however think about the stains to come when we have kids, I guess my kids will only drink water and never eat except in the highchair! :)