Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scotts Antique-May Finds

Clearly by now you realize how obsessed I am with going to Scott's Antique.  This month's anticipation was no different, I even had my friend "R" here from Nashville with me.  This month was a slow show and apparently a lot of vendors were at a show in Mass. but it was kinda nice not being so crowded.  Not to mention there were some great deals since the vendors' sales were also lacking.

I've been on the lookout for silver animal heads, I found some at Homegoods and didn't buy them and have always kicked myself.  Walking through the South building I spotted these from the fabulous Parker Kennedy booth.  This booth always catches my eye with it's Hermes Orange walls.

Do you spot those white resin deer & ram heads? LOVE. 

Or these silver ones.... although these are a little different than what I had seen at Homegoods.  So I went for the white resin (above) and I'm in love.

Not long after this I stumbled to my favorite plated silver vendor to check out his $5 bin.  To my luck I found a silver plated champagne bucket for $5! I've been wanting one of these to use as a vase, as a hurricane glass, or as a champagne/wine bucket.  This one is really tarnished but for $5 who cares? Plus it looks cool.

My friend "R" then spotted these really cool Kentucky Derby cocktail glasses.  I got 2 for now in the years 1981 (hubs bday year) and 1975 (100 year anniversary of the derby). These look great sitting on my bar tray.  "R" and I also went to the Ballard Design Outlet near my house where I got these cool etched glasses for $1.99! I decided to display Six-12-Ten because that's our wedding anniversary.  I also got the decanter on the far left at Scott's for $20.  The one in the middle was a wedding gift and the far right one is from last month's show.  The small bottle of unopened tequilla is from me and Ryan's honeymoon in Mexico. 

"R" was on the hunt for some green Majolica plates and an oyster plate after her trip to New Orleans recently.  We struck gold and found "Majolica Oyster Plates" She's planning to use some of the set on her wall around an animal head, it's going to look sooo cool.

"R" then stopped by the booth of the lovely artist Cheryl Connelly and fell in love with one of Cheryl's hydrangea paintings.  "R" wanted it in a bigger size so Cheryl willingly said she'd paint a new and larger one for her which we picked up Saturday.  Isn't it pretty?

When we went back to pick up the painting Cheryl said she had been slow and since it was Mother's Day weekend she would wheel and deal so we walked away for 4 more paintings. Yes, that's right, 5 total.  "R" and I are single-handedly keeping the lights on at Ms. Connelly's house this month. "R" got another small blue and white hydrangea painting and a small landscape painting.  I walked away with these 2 beauties...

Mister hubs holds our purse strings close to his heart so at first he wasn't thrilled but once he heard the deal I got on them and saw how good they looked he lightened up.  I think I walked away $275 for both (w/frames) and they really should have been over $600 for both.  I think Cheryl was feeling generous that day... or maybe she liked us because she knew we were suckers and will come back for more.  I'm already dreaming about a big painting she does for my master bedroom/bathroom.  It feels good to buy original art that you love, I also love the idea that it will hopefully be a cherished heirloom by my future generations.

Seriously, go see Cheryl she is super accommodating to meet your decor needs (always back right corner of the south building at Scott's).  P.S. Cheryl Connelly's art is going to be featured in the movie that just finished filming in ATL called "Identity Theft" with Jason Bateman.

That's about all from Scott's, I was bad about taking pictures.  I did receive this lovely below in the mail from a Wisteria sale on One Kings Lane a couple weeks ago.  How fun!? Now my HB's, BHG's, and TH's have a home. Hubs can't seem to understand that you dont just throw away good coffee table magazines. 

I also found the perfect lamp for my skirted table.  This pretty was at Homegoods in Smyrna and only $49! The shade is burlap and we have a lot of that going on so it will eventually be replaced but works for now.

I moved the bar tray to my built-ins which looks a lot better. Ryguy and I are loving this corner lamp though.  Our living room is really starting to feel complete minus a couple new occasional chairs. For now we have some "fill-in" that work just fine.

This show can be chalked up to a success, I had a lot of fun with "R" and I even spotted a famous design blogger.  Yes, I got sweaty palms and weak in the knees when I saw her, I really wanted to go follow her around to see what she bought but refrained from being crazy.  Hopefully next month will be a better show at Scott's with all the regular vendors and I'll try and take more pics.  This week I'm going to try and do some more pic updates of the house, whoop whoop.

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