Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bedroom Dilemmas (oh my!)

Ok, maybe not "those kind" of bedroom dilemmas, however... For the last 13 months my main floor has been my favorite child while the upstairs has been the ugly, redheaded stepchild (disclaimer: I actually love red hair).

Funny thing is when we moved in here I knew exactly what I wanted in our master and I still do, I can envision it... I found a King size headboard off Craigslist when we closed on the house and had to have it.  From there I knew I wanted a bed like the ones in the Peachtree Battle shop called Gramercy with the following components:

1. A white monogrammed coverlet with matching monogrammed Euro shams like these from Gramercy, maybe even one of their custom monograms...

2. A fluffy duvet folded down at the bottom of the bed, preferable in a floral or chinoiserie.  This fabric must have more than 3 colors in it.

3. Either a fluffy white gathered bed skirt or a simple pattern like a small stripe, no more than 2 colors.

4. Pillows, lots of pillows.  Not only would I have 2 monogrammed Euro Shams but I'd also have additional pillows that incorporate some of the patterned fabrics.

5. Pretty custom made curtains, ceiling to floor on each window.

6. A mirrored side table for my side of the bed, and something different for Ryan's side, perhaps a dark wood table or even a simple skirted table.

7. A chaise or chair & ottoman for lounging or curling up with a good book or a Lifetime movie. This chair could be in a pattern or just a simple tweed or linen incorporating a pillow in one of the fabrics from my bed.

8. Pretty artwork or maybe some more personal photos of me and Ryan like wedding pictures, family pictures, etc.

9. I also need an armoire for some storage, we do have  a giant dresser that we picked up at scott's antique under our tv and in our sitting area.

Clearly, I know what I want, I have the perfect picture painted in my head.  Where I get stuck is that I can't find #2, a pretty duvet in a fabric that I love or that has the right colors.  I know my main colors will be white, apple/sage green with a french blue. I'm not asking for much just one fabric that incorporates the french blue, the green, and a couple other colors.

I found the fabrics above at Lewis and Sharon one day, they are all Duralee's and I love all of them (not all together, I'd pick and choose), especially the houndstooth on the left and the blue one 2nd from the right.

While vacaying in Seaside, FL last week I had time to finally flip through my House Beautiful and Traditional Home mags.  Fortunately I saw a couple fabrics in HB's May edition that I loved that could possible work.

I mean are the 2 fabrics on the right not just like the ones above? They look so good with Varney's Rhododendrum print on the far left. Unfortunately for me, these are hard to access fabrics by Dorothy Draper's Carlton Varney. 

I then flipped the page to see this lovely layout, this room screams me but what I really want is that Bailey and Griffin "India" fabric on the 2 chairs.

Seriously, I had heart palpitations when I saw this.  So perfect! Once again, another hard to get your hands on fabric and I haven't even heard the price yet.

 After searching all over the web for hours each night at the beach I have momentarily given up on Mr. Varney and Mr./Mrs. Bailey & Griffin.

On top of the fabric dilemma my husband thinks my headboard is a lost cause.  It started gold (but beat-up), I then painted it solid gold. After that I added some minswax gel stain to define the curves and shape in the creases.  Then I had the brilliant idea to paint over gold with 2 shades of grey.  Bad idea... you can see why in the pic below:

I mean WTH? Can it get any uglier? It looks like 90's airbrush, barf. I started sanding the other side of it and it looks slightly better but not great.

It only cost $125 or so but I really do like it.  When I bought it I was envisioning the gold gilded headboard I had seen in magazines, websites, and blogs.  One day I think this would be super cute in a little girls room as a day bed painted in a lacquered white or something.  

For now I might revisit my dreamland of gold gilded headboards and go back to how it started.

Since I still couldn't make progress at the beach for the upstairs I did go ahead and order some Schumacher samples.

Aren't they pretttty?

You have seen this guy before....

Here's to hoping the samples they send me aren't too scrappy and small.   Don't ya hate that?

This is the most random post ever, my words are not very good today.  Since this whole post is word vomit I'll end with something else that has nothing to do with any of this...

While running Tuesday night my husband spotted this french arm chair thrown to the curb outside a really nice Buckhead home.

Finders keepers don't ya think? It's legs need some tightening and TLC but overall this sucker was in great shape.  It's not mildewed or anything either so they must've just stuck it next to the curb.  I'll take it! Not quite sure what I'll do with it but I have a feeling it'll come in handy at some point down the road.  I think this is an affirmation from the furniture Gods of my love for French chairs.

That's about it, thanks for letting me ramble... and ramble...

and ramble...

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