Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Savvy Snoot

2 weekends ago Atlanta had a UFC series come to town, this is all I have heard about since the Jones vs. Evans match was announced. My other half is a huge UFC fan (so annoying) and made me spend my Friday afternoon at the Fox Theater for the live "weigh-ins". 

10 years ago to the exact day I had been at the Fox Theater for my senior prom, never in a million years did I think I'd be back on that same date 10 years later for a UFC weigh-in... I mean really?

Leaving the Fox we did stumble up a funky furniture store on the magnificant midtown mile with these awesome chairs outside.  They look like they are straight out of Candy Land, Willy Wonka, or Alice and Wonderland.  I've seen pics of these from a store in NYC and had to try them out myself...

As payback after the fights were over I forced Ryan to take me to the new Savvy Snoot location in West Midtown to kill time before dinner.  Savvy Snoot is mainly an upscale consignment & new  furniture store that has been in West Midtown for some time now but recently upgraded to a bigger space for their store and showroom. 

We saw these awesome mirrors, I'd love these in so many ways.  Flanking something, decoratively by themselves but they'd be really neat in a cluster.  Maybe 9 of them with 3 in each row, they were only about $65 each too.

These bamboo benches really caught my eye.  The bamboo was painted a mahogany color but these would be really cool as is or re-painted and recovered.

I was obsessed with this mirrored buffet.  It was a tad out of my price range but I would have loved to take this home, it was beautiful!

I have to admit, I fell hard for this oversized lamp.  LOVE.  This would never work in a home like ours, I feel like it needs a bigger space or higher ceilings but it is just lovely.  The Mister also liked this lamp. 

This gilver (silver+gold) side table was so cute.  I loved the tassle pulls and you can't see but it had very small nailheads as trim all over.

Tufted chairs are one of my favorite things, amazingly enough I don't have any in my home but I wish I had these pretties. They were pretty comfy too which seems unusual with tufted chairs.

I wanted this side table sooooo bad.  The price wasn't too bad (under $500) and it was so pretty.  I love the pattern in the woodwork.  Right as I was about to give Ryan the puppy dog eyes and ask for approval from him to buy he brought up a great point.  The things inside this chest aren't concealed because you can see through the woodwork.  (Sometimes guys can be smarter than ladies). This fact might not bother some people but it wouldnt work for us.  I think you could always line the doors with fabric panels too as a solution.

After leaving Savvy Snoot empty handed but with a full decorating-heart we went to see the new free people store in West Midtown and got a glimpse of the new Lulu store.  Having this in my backyard will be T-R-O-U-B-L-E but I can't wait.

If you are ever in Atlanta, definitely check out West Midtown, there are so many great home and design stores among other things.

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