Friday, April 6, 2012

Chicago Part 1

Where do I start? I used to say that my favorite big cities were 1. Boston 2. Chicago 3. A tie between NYC and LA. After the past couple of weeks Chicago is giving Boston a run for it's money. As I said the other day, when you are in Chicago during warm, perfect weather it is amazing.

A few of my favorite things about this city is not only it's walkability, cleanliness, the river but also the pretty buildings and architecture. On the flipside I love Boston for it's history and cool neighborhoods. I haven't been to DC in a while but I am pretty sure if I went now and in the Spring I'd really like it too. Have I mentioned Cherry Blossom tress are my favorite? NYC and LA are just cool because you might see a celeb and I love celeb spotting! :) Anyways, I took a lot of pics of Chicago so get ready...

Of course I had to see the iconic Chicago sign....

One of the next big stops: TopShop! Can we say obsessed!? Ladies, don't bring your hubbs here, way more fun without. I'm already saving for my next trip here in May :) I got a really cute coral fit n' flare dress for summer and a tie-dye caftan top plus some jewelry...

Mr. Hubs got in town late so the next morning we got up and grabbed some brunch at Yolk, this place was AWESOME! Our hotel sent us there and because of that we got in VIP with no wait, we felt really cool skipping past a tons of people waiting. Definitely check this place out:

Then on to walk around, pit stop at Northwestern, here is RyGuy in front of their School of Law:

After this I somehow dragged him to Akira in the Water Tower Place Mall. I got a really fun Gold Dress and a peach and fuscia color block top. Love this store, almost everything is under $50 and they hand out coupons plus have a check-in discount on FourSquare.

We then walked around some more, sightseeing and trying to burn off that huge breakfast at Yolk. Chicago has some pretty churches but I have to say that NYC wins this category. All the tulips were in bloom too!

We had to find "the bean" where you always see pictures of people in Chicago standing in front of. My husband referred to it the whole time as "the giant nut" not sure if he was kidding or serious.

Walked around some more... went into All Saints, such a cool store. Seriously, the person/firm that designed this store did an awesome job. Very industrial but very cool. I wasn't allowed to shop here according to my finance manager (AKA: Ryan).

Us in front of the river... you would never know but there was a Muslim protest going on right in front of us, that didn't stop us.

Went by to see Marilyn... and yes that is my immature husband in the picture on the right... busted...

I think this is the Chicago Athletic Club building but I loved all the quatrefoil and moorish tile look/design in this old architecture.

This is part of the Chicago Tribune Building which was a really pretty building, I wish I had a picture of it to show the whole thing.

The buildings here are all so unique and different, I think this is a huge part of the charm of the windy city (well besides the food and shopping). It made me wish Atlanta had more old buildings like this, and a river running through the city (but that's for more selfish reasons). The crazy thing is the great Chicago fire was in 1871 and Atlanta was burned by Sherman's army in 1864. Why DON'T we have all the pretty buildings like Chi town? If they could do it, why couldn't we?

Anyways, this was a really long post that was full of boring buildings. My next post will probably be about the same because this is when Ryan and I went on the Wendella Architecture Boat Tour but it will include some pics from my friend's bachelorette party to keep things spicy.

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