Monday, April 9, 2012


This weekend we had a nice time spent with family, my 90 year old Grandmother actually came in town from Jacksonville (drove up here on her own!). A relaxing weekend actually kept us pretty busy...

Friday night Ryan and I went to early bird dinner at a place near Peachtree Battle in Buckhead called Taqueria Tsunami. It was so cheap and good food, very laid back. I recommend the short rib nachos and short rib tacos. We both overate and being that we were done eating by 7ish we weren't quite ready to head home so we went to my favorite store, Homegoods. I confess, when I get stressed or need to unwind this is one of my favorite places to go. Something about aimlessly looking at random house stuff in there is therapeautic. Unfortunately, we didn't have any good finds but Mr. Hubbs did manage to get himself into trouble when I turned my back...

The next morning we got up and wanted to get some Vitamin D so we headed to our friend's pool. I needed some color to look my best on Easter Sunday :)

That night we headed to my parents house for a yummy dinner. We had a honey baked ham, hashbrown casserole, spinach salad, broccoli casserole, rolls, and kalua cake for dessert. It was all soooo good, I wish I had a pic, especially the dessert! Even our french bulldog Max ate too much, he was in a food coma...

Husband is on a kick of taking candid photos of me lately (much to my dismay), this is one of my new shirts from that boutique Akira in Chicago. It's a peach and hot pink color block, paired with my J.Crew Bubble necklace knock-off from H&M last summer.

I found some more of these necklaces in different colors at the boutique chain in Atlanta called Fabrik last week. The only thing is that the chain is much shorter of them so they sit higher up right under your collarbone. They were cheap and had tons of colors, I wonder if you could lengthen the chain with some DIY action?

The next day, was Easter, this is my favorite church holiday right in front of our church's Independence Day celebration and you are about to see why....

The week before Easter is Palm Sunday (which I accidentally referred to as Psalms Sunday last year and will never live down), they have palm branches everywhere, we get palm leaf cross bookmarks, and we have a parade before service with a donkey(he even walks the aisle)! The next week on Easter everyone brings flowers in the morning and nails them to the cross, it's so pretty and really special. If you are in Buckhead on Easter, this really is the hotspot for your pictures. This sanctuary inside is already gorgeous on it's own but it has extra flowers for Easter...

An hour or so later we got out of church and waited around for pictures under the cross, here is Ryguy and I:

I made sure to dress him like an Easter Egg with yellow pants, a bright green tie, blue shirt, and blue blazer. I loved looking at everyone's Easter outfits yesterday, young and old. I didn't really have anything new to wear except one of my staple dresses from Banana Republic outlet in a coral red with cut-out back and my beloved turquoise imposter necklace. You can't see but I have some fun BCBG turquoise shoes paired with it for some zazz.

After church we went to eat at a cute little cafe in Peachtree Battle Shopping Center. Then we headed towards our house for some strawberry cake and a home tour for Grandma. I love my strawberry cake recipe but don't make it often since it seems more summery so I was excited to whip it out. I'll post below but first a confession.... I actually screwed it up a bit... when I made it wasn't paying attention and didn't save my egg whites when I separated the egg yolks so it wasn't as big and fluffy but still tasted great. Typically this recipe is a 3 layer because there is a lot of batter but mine was only 2.

I also meant to slide that cardboard out from it but oh well... that cross is actually the palm tree bookmark they gave out the week before in church. I decided it looked better on my Easter cake than in Ryan's bible (that's rosemary at the bottom).

Amy's Strawberry Cake: Set oven to 325 degrees
1 box of white cake mix
3 tablespoons flour
1 small box strawberry jello (use only 2/3rds)
3/4 cup oil
1/2 cup water
4 egg yolks, *save* the whites :)
1 10 oz. box frozen strawberries, thawed, drained and chopped *Use only HALF*

Mix dry ingredients together then add the oil and the water. Beat at medium speed 3-4 minutes. Add yolks one at a time, then add strawberries. Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites at the end. Bake in 3 greased and floured 9 inch cake pans for 35-40 minutes.

Amy's Strawberry Cream Cheese Icing
-1 8oz. package cream cheese softened
-1/2 cup butter softened
-3 cups sifted confectioners sugar
-1 teaspooon vanilla
-the leftover part of the jello mix from the cake
-the other half of the strawberries *make sure they are well drained or pat with paper towel

Blend all together, I usually refrigerate my icing before I put it on the cake. It can also tend to be runny so this helps, I also try and keep the cake refrigerated before and after eating it.

Anyways, after eating cake and the family had left Ryan and I walked to the park in our neighborhood and played some tennis. All in all a great Easter spent with family.

This week I am planning to post the rest of the Chicago trip. I am also hoping to get down to Scott's antique before we head to Nashville for a shower and a party Saturday. If I get down there I am anticipating some good finds/pictures to share...

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