Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The weather is here...

Ok, I have not completely fallen off the bandwagon, I actually have a great excuse!...


Yes, you heard it right... I started the month of March with my birthday. Shortyly after decided it was time I treat myself to some beach time. Luckily the In-Laws make that easy and accessible since they live there... So off to Florida I went... The weather couldn't be more perfect, seriously, I could get used to that life.

My in-laws are in the process of building their dream home here but meanwhile live in their condo. Since my husband is too busy with work I figured I should take it upon myself to visit and check out the house progress myself. I am happy to report back that the house is looking great and can't wait to be in it for summer vacations...

I seriously don't know if there is a more gorgeous beach property out there... On the left of this picture is my husband's grandparent's beach house and on the right side is a national wildlife preserve. i.e. nobody can build on that side, ever. While I was down there I was hoping to get to some of the great little stores in Seaside but never made it, I spent every minute soaking in the sun.

After this trip, I came back to Atlanta for some St. Patrick's day fun, which entailed lots of yardwork (that's green right?). Then I packed 2 (heavy) bags for a couple weeks in the Windy City... CHICAGO. Woo Hoo.

The first week I was there the weather was in the 80's and GORGEOUS, I was ready to pack up our Atlanta home and move. I've been to Chicago 3 times before this and each time it was rainy and/or cold. After this trip, I now know why people live here, when it's sunny it's perfection. Ry even came up for4 days and even that Southern boy loved it! I can fill in more on that trip later... it deserves it's own post.

Since I've been out of town the past few weeks I haven't made much progress on the house besides some yard work outside. I did order my fabric for my skirted table in my living room, it's a table built around hub's huge speaker/sub-woofer/"thing that goes boom". Right now it's got a skank piece of burlap thrown over it to hide the speaker...

I think this will be really fun against my Benjamin Moore Woodlawn Blue walls with some books and a mercury glass lamp on top. Those are the 2 samples I have... I chose the Calico Corners fabric with a more cream tone. I may do a pillow in the Forsyth Fabrics one that has a bit of metallic to it. The coral is perfect and balances my dining room across the hall almost exactly.
(Anyone notice my craigslist adirondack chair in the window? They turned out great!)

Another pic of my fabric in my dining room... the solid coral is for the piping/cording along the hem of the skirted table.

The only other exciting purchase in my life is some J Brand Jeans off of the sale rack at the Anthropologie near my house. I've been eyeing colored jeans but was a bit scared to take the plunge. I found 1 pair of these babies in my exact size for $89! They fit like a glove, don't stretch and come in the most wonderful red-with-a-hint-of-hot-pink color ever!

I wore mine the other day with a white tunic, nude heals, and a leopard scarf for a little zing. I wore them out sightseeing another day with a white long tee and a leopard print cardi. I don't just do leopard with these pretties, I also love some nautical stripes for this warm weather. I also don't do black shoes either... if you know me, you know I "don't do black shoes" unless I have to :)

Anyways, more to come on Chicago later...

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