Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project Updates

I feel like I've had a lot to blog about lately but there aren't enough hours in the day to do so.  I still owe an update on a couple of my recent trips (i.e. Chicago part 2 and Nashville).  I'll ignore those for now and do a quick update of this week.

First of all, I am now hosting people at our house on May 13th, I feel a bit under the gun to get some small projects completed.  List includes but not limited to:
1. Skirted Table -lamp & accessories to decorate
2. Pick Art for the Wall - Order frame & install
3. Paint stripes down basement hallway-hang Ryan's family football memorabilia
4. Finish painting headboard
5. Buy new fridge and dishwasher
6. Yardwork in the backyard
7. Buy and paint cornhole set
8. Plant new planters with spring flowers
9. Order and paint swing for front porch
10. Order new Schumacher Pillows
11. I really could keep going but I'll stop here....

Did you catch #1 though? I finally picked up my table skirt.  Yes, I was like a kid on Christmas, so excited! Without further adeiu....

You'll see the Target bar tray I mentioned in the last post, couldn't find it in bronze, only red.  Doesn't look bad but can easily be painted. Not sure if I will leave it here anyways, currently on the lookout for a mercury glass/lucite lamp too.

The seamstress who sewed(is that proper grammar??) this bad boy added a semi-thick cording to the hem, it looks sooo good!

This is a view from my (coral) dining room.  I promise the colors in my house aren't this bright, it's much more serene than it appears to be.  After spending 3 months on my floor, I finally hung our starburst mirror from Homegoods ($79!).  I need a new vase though, my cotton branches (Ballards) and fabric flowers (Scott's Antique) seem to be covering the mirror.

I arranged this myself, not awesome but not too shabby for my first time either! Hoping to get some more fabric flowers from the lovely vendor at Scotts Antique.

 As if hanging a mirror and getting my table skirt made weren't big enough accomplishments, I also ordered art for above my sofa!!! Yeaaaahhh...

This lovely Imari Plate is my accent plate for my fine china and what I used as a starting point when I picked my paint colors for the house. Once I buy my mirrored buffett (#12 on my list) I plan to rotate that mirror in my dining room and flank the mirror with these pretty little thangs. In the meantime, I love how the flowers in the china almost mimic the flowers in this art (#totalaccidentiswear).

I found this art from CozaMia, Nancy the artist, was so sweet and made this Peonies print in a version specifically for me that had more coral than pink.  It works perrrfecccct to say the least.  I already have my brain buzzing with ideas for Framing thanks to the lovely blog post by Baylor Says... Oh, I can't wait for it to be on my wall! Mister Hubs liked it but though it was a tad girly but like they say "A man's home is his wife's castle."  Couldn't have said it better myself...

I'm planning to incorporate new pillows covers on my sofa starting with this lovely fabric from Schumacher's Imperial Trellis line.

I'm so happy I decided on the Peonies print, I was back and forth between the Wild Herringbone (below) but decided adding some dark to the space will help weigh it down a little plus let me incorporate pillows like the one above.

That is all the work we've done to the inside of the house this week (I won't torture you with pictures of my new mint leaf plant or ground cover plants) outside.

Off subject though, if you live in the Atlanta area, the Atlanta Food Truck Park and Market opens to the public this evening at 5PM.  This is down the street from us and will be so cool to have.  Trucks for lunch and dinner 7 days a week plus farmers market on Saturdays. Come out and support Atlanta Food Truck Park & Market as well as your local farmers and small business owners.  :)

Nothing else going on, hope to get some time in the sun this weekend at the pool and the Braves game. A month from now I am back in Chicago and then straight to the BEACH for a long weekend.  Found the perfect summer/beach dress at Anthro this weekend. How cute and easy will this be this summer when it's super hot outside with some turquiose jewelry.  I'm also thinking pink or yellow jewelry but I recently saw a post about mixing the colors green and coral together to be more adventurous.

The back is the best party, easy breezy... Also comes in a gray and white version that would be fun with yellow or red shoes or jewelry.

Don't ya just love warm lazy days.....

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