Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All things Vintage...

This weekend is Scott's Antique Roadshow in Atlanta which comes once a month (always the 2nd weekend of each month). It is set up in 2 HUMONGOUS size warehouses located on opposite sides of the interstate just south of Atlanta. It cost $5 to get in ($4 with the coupon off the website) and it is the best $5 you've ever spent. There is soooooo much to look at, seriously, I think almost anyone could entertain themselves here, even my husband likes going (with the exception of fall months=football).

You walk in and it's vendors and booths set up all over the place with any and everything you can imagine. There's silver, vintage nic-nacs, vintage books, chairs, artwork, custom pillows, lamps, lighting, tables, chests, china, old doors, old shutters, old military nic-nacs, basically anything! The icing on the cake is that the food here is kinda like fair food, hub's favorite is the old fashioned donuts similar to funnel cakes. If you are on pinterest and obsessed with it like me then you seriously need to go to Scott's. So many times I'll see pins and I think to myself "gee this person needs to go to Scott's to get this..."

Scott's can be overwhelming the first time, so this is your warning but once you go and get acquainted you'll love it. Get ready to bargain too, these vendors will haggle with you back and forth which makes it a challenge but really fun, especially when you end up with a steal. One tip is that it opens to the public on Friday but really most of the vendors are set up on Thursday (even late Wednesday sometimes too) for decorators and designers and it runs until Sunday afternoon.

This weekend hubs and I are headed to Scott's we haven't been in a few months and I miss seeing all my dealer friends so I am looking forward to it. I will definitely try to take pictures.

Another thing about Scott's that I failed to mention is that if you like vintage fashion sometimes there are great vintage booths with fun dresses and coats for not much $$ at all. Last time I found a lovely sparkly dress that was about $25, it was long and need some minor alterations but so cute and one of a kind! I also found a wool coat with fur trim collar and cuffs for $30. Plus there are tons of minks and fur coats and stoles in the fall and winter. One item I did walk away with last time was a great wool Pendleton Cape. For $40 it's so fun and Pendleton is totally making a comeback especially in the design world. I wore it to church the other day with a new outfit I put together. It might have been a tad matchy but I thought it was cute, why not? I'm not brave enough for solo shots of myself like other fabulous bloggers on the internet so here it is laid out...

(Mustard Yellow Corduroy Skirt- Anthropologie, Navy and white polka dot sweater- Old Navy, Red Belt- Gap, Red Shoes- Urban Outfitters, Bracelet- Loft, Cape- Pendleton from Scott's Antique)

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