Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Sales Make Me Happy :)

Last weekend there were some fabulous sales, my 2 favorite times of the year are 1) daylight savings time in the spring and 2) End of season clearance sales!!!

I started the weekend by hitting up the Boutique Warehouse Sale. They hold this twice a year at an empty spot in Atlantic Station. I always attend this sale and make sure I am there right at open, however, I must say this year it was so crowded from 10AM on.

This photo is from last year's location above Z Galleries, this year they were in the old Pier 1.

I must confess though, I didn't buy a single thing this time. They had some good deals but one of my resolutions this year is being more content with what I have and there wasn't anything I was dying to have. Not to mention I was a bit caught off guard by the mass amounts of people and baby strollers right at open. I also stocked up on the last sale in July with quite a bit of goods so I really didn't need anymore $50 designer jeans (got 3 last time) or any $75 Tucker dresses. Oh well, I'm sure hubs would be very happy to know I walked away empty handed, that is until I got to some of the other stores in Atlantic Station.... oops...

The next stop was on of my favs! Outrageous Interiors, I received an email in the week saying they were having a clearance sale. If you live in ATL and haven't been to Outrageous Interiors (formerly "Outrageous Bargains"), you need to go, esp when there is a sale. They have great furniture pieces that are fun and reasonably priced, their staff is amazing and super helpful, and they also carry great nic-nacs.

Again, I wasn't looking for anything major here but I needed some inspiration for my home, I feel a bit stuck on it right now. While I was there I saw a fireplace screen that was very pretty however it might have been too traditional/whimsical looking for my house. I took it home to try it out, thank goodness they have a very liberal policy on returns because it didn't work in our house. Just one more reason I love shopping here because they let you try things out to ensure they look good. Here are a few random pics I snapped...

I thought this chair was pretty and I love the fabric... almost what I am looking for in my master bedroom.

This abstract city-scape painting I am dying over... I love it since we live in the city but I keep going back and forth on 2 things... Do I want the art above my sofa to have much color and do I love it enough (or will I love it forever) to pay $450???

The crosses did come home with me. I need something to hang hand towels on in my powder room but we are limited on space. I'm not sure if the ring on these is decorative or functional but I think they are super cute for hand towels. Now I need to head to Gramercy in Peachtree Battle to pick out some pretty monogrammed towels (not these in the pic).

Ok, this post has been long enough so I will stop here and continue next time with some pretties I scored on the cheap last weekend.

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