Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Poolside/Beachside Dip

In honor of 4th of July being 1 week away I thought I'd post this yummy Pinterest recipe that I  love.

Since temperatures will be reaching 105+ degrees in the south (and let's not even discuss the humidity) this recipe won't involve a lot of work but it's cool, creamy flavor will hopefully give you a bit of reprieve from the outdoor heat.

Poolside Dip Statement Pieces:
2 Jalapenos - get rid of the veins and seeds (unless you like a lot of heat) then chop
16 oz. cream cheese softened (2 blocks)
1 can corn (I used summer corn) drained
1 red bell pepper-get rid of seeds and veins then chop
1/2 of a small jar of green olives- leave pimentos out and chop up olives
1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix

Once ingredients are mixed all together refrigerate for a little bit so the flavors meld and it cools off.

Aren't these colors pretty!

Serve with wheat thins or crackers but really it could go with a lot more! This makes a lot more dip then it appears to at first. We were headed to the lake with about 14 people and kids and still had some left over for a nice breakfast snack :)

As I was making this I was thinking how I love the colors of the olives, jalapenos, and red bell peppers.  After racking my brain of what it reminded me of, ding ding, a light bulb went off.  If you read Urban Grace Interiors or if you saw May's Southern Living then you should recognize this picture:

That's designer Erika Powell's home and this might be one of my favorite rooms ever.  I love the unusual color combination and fabrics to start.  Then you get to the custom headboard for the daybed and paint by number pictures of dogs and I die. 

The dark green on the pillow in the back clearly represents the jalapenos:

The chartreuse in the headboard design is obviously the olives, while the pops of tomato red might as well be "red bell pepper red" instead of tomato red.  And just for kicks the corn = Erika's fun jeans.

Such a fun room, I'd love to know what exactly it's used for and I'd probably pay a ton of money to tour her home in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida coincidentally right near our family beach house.  Erika, call me, maybe???

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